Finished the Seth –…

Finished the Seth -- charming and a quick read. Made me want to visit Tibet.

I drafted about 1500 words of memoir this morning, in between reading Seth. It went very fast; it's interesting how quickly one can write when one doesn't have to actually make stuff up. :-) I think the hard part with this book won't be generating prose, but rather figuring out what's actually interesting to write about. Of course, I may just run out of things to say too -- my memory is not so great, which is a bit of a handicap in writing a memoir.

I wish I had a title for this book; referring to it as a memoir isn't really accurate, I think. Memoir/travelogue/cultural commentary is closer, but that's too long to type every time. It's got a working title of Return to Sri Lanka, but I don't love that. Any ideas for a title?

I'd like to keep working on it, but I actually need to do three more job applications this afternoon -- the last few deadlines are coming up. Two tenure-track jobs, one in St. Louis and one in Richmond, VA; one one-semester position, at St. Mary's, in Oakland, CA. I think I misread the deadline on the last one; I should have applied for it a long time ago. Ah well -- we'll see what happens. I should also check the AWP website, which claims to have new job listings, just to see if there are any others I should apply for.

Spent a bit of time poking around at fellowship applications too. I think I'll be applying for three this year -- the Illinois Arts Council, the Stegner, and the NEA in prose. I'm not actually sure I'm a good candidate for either of the last two -- I may be too advanced for the Stegner, and possibly not sufficiently advanced for the NEA. But it can't hurt to apply, I think. Well, except that the Stegner costs $50 to apply for. Hmm...

I have a feeling there are more fellowships I should be applying for, but I just don't know what they are. If anyone out there happens to know of any, feel free to suggest them, please!

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