I thought I would swing…

I thought I would swing by here and type up a journal entry summing up this workshop that I leave tomorrow morning. But I am groggy, and my computer is almost out of juice, so I need to take it back to the dorm room and power it up. Instead, I will point you to a funny little piece by Robin Hemley. Robin was one of my professors back at Utah; he taught my creative nonfiction class, as is now Director of Creative Nonfiction at Iowa. He is a big CNF guy these days. :-) And on his Iowa web page, they link to one of his pieces, "No Pleasure But Meanness".

It is a funny piece about meanness and hatred, but despite all of that, Robin is very very nice, and I am very very glad that he invited me to come teach in this program. I've had a terrific time (once I got over my cold and exhaustion from MLA), and as the various notes come in telling me that I haven't made other schools' first cut for on-campus interviews (two more such notes, quite sweet and friendly and apologetic, came today), it is remarkably reassuring, knowing that they liked me here in Vermont, and they will very probably invite me back.

I'll be in transit all day tomorrow, home around 6-ish if all goes well. More about this program soon, I promise.

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