Frustrating afternoon. …

Frustrating afternoon. First, I missed my St. Joseph's interview, because there was no one of the names I had listed registered at the hotel I had them listed at. I suspect that despite having four names of interviewers, I somehow missed the crucial fifth name, the one who actually had the hotel room. No chance of rescheduling, I think. Hopefully they'll be willing to do a phone interview, and not hold this against me.

And then when I called for my 6:00 interview with Coastal Carolina, they were startled to hear that I intended to come down, because they had me listed for 6:00 Tuesday. Argh. I do actually technically have that free, so I told them I'd do that, but it means cutting the interview short, because my flight out of Philly is at 8:15, and it takes half an hour to get to the airport. We don't know who messed up; probably me. Again, I can just hope they don't hold it against me. That means eleven interviews tomorrow. I hope I make it through.

Miami University's interview went well at least, I think. One more today and then I get to go back to Ryan's and collapse. I started sneezing an hour or so ago and my throat got sore and scratchy. Funny how both symptoms came on at the same time. Funny not in an actually funny way, of course. It's currently 24 degrees here, but according to the weather site it feels like 14 -- I think it feels like less, personally. I started the day walking from hotel to hotel when I could, but it's now so cold that I've started taking cabs. I sometimes don't have enough passing time to walk, in any case, and certainly won't tomorrow. Food and chai and cabs are already up to about $50, I think. Have I mentioned that it's not cheap, applying for jobs?

6 thoughts on “Frustrating afternoon. …”

  1. Damn. I thought I’d been getting a good workout cycling 20 miles a day.

    I think I should be interviewing for an academic position instead!

  2. Your journal renders wrong on Mozilla. IE is fine. You may want to widen table horizontally below the “Last 12 entries”. Text is spilling onto the next line.

  3. I think the rendering issue should be fixed now. (Note that if the window is narrow enough, lines in the table will still wrap; but that should happen at a narrow width now than was true this morning.) Lemme know (by email if you like) if you continue to run into problems.

    I don’t have access to a Windows machine at the moment, but it looks okay in all the Mac browsers I have, including Mozilla, so I think it should be okay in Windows too.

  4. For the sniffles: elderberry capsules, if you have a minute to get to a health food store. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Helped me through a bad flu while on tour.

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