Anyone have a very…

Anyone have a very ginger-y recipe for gingerbread or ginger snaps or some other ginger-type cookie? Kevin has been a prince lately, and I think he deserves a treat, and he's a big fan of the ginger. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I started out in an insanely good mood yesterday, mostly because Kevin was home, after too much time away. The SAPAC meeting here went well, and then we just hung out for a while, then went to dinner at The Green Zebra (very vegetable-focused restaurant; Karina, I think you'd like this a lot, if you come to town, we'll take you there), then came home. And somehow, my mood just crashed. I went from cheerful and giddy and pretty blissed out to weepy and insanely stressed in the space of ten minutes or so. Which he then had to deal with for the rest of the night. It helped that I wasn't upset with him at all -- it's mostly academic job stress, plus various other projects I'm feeling behind on. But I'm sure it was no fun to handle. So he gets ginger cookies in some form. Epicurious has some ginger spice cookies that look pretty good, but personal recommendations are always appreciated.

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