Got the grant done on…

Got the grant done on time, barely, went to the art reception, great space, but not ADA-compliant; we need to think about that. Afterwards, went to dinner at Wishbone with Nilofer and Purvi; amazing corn muffins, and quite decent crab cakes, although more bread-y than I prefer. While at dinner, my back started to hurt, so I convinced them to come back to my place, so I could lie down. We had drinks and talked about life and relationships for a while, but by eleven they were ready to go and I was ready to lie down -- my back was seriously hurting.

I think I pulled a muscle at some point yesterday. Falling asleep was bad; I ended up using a combination of Benadryl to fall asleep, alcohol as a muscle relaxant, and half a dozen ibuprofen for the pain. Fell asleep on the couch in front of the tv eventually. Slept hard.

So far today, my back seems tentatively better. No more stabbing pain, just some achiness. Going to try to take it easy today; there's nothing that absolutely has to get done today, so I'm going to rest, read, watch tv, maybe cook a little for tomorrow. I *might* go downtown briefly if my back's feeling better after lunch, to run an errand or two, but I'm reserving the right to just lie on the couch some more.

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