2700 words. …

2700 words. Good.

Also good is another interview scheduled, with Miami University, in Oxford, OH. That's about four and a half hours away from here by car. Somewhat inconvenient if you don't want to drive, though. I suppose I could persuade Kevin to drive out every couple of weeks, and I could fly back once a month or so. Something to think about... The professor who called was really charming, and seemed very enthusiastic about possibly having me come. That certainly helps me feel kindly towards the school. And amazingly, they actually have a Sri Lankan on their faculty, who is apparently excited about me and my work! Very cool. :-)

Nalin Jayasena - Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of California at Riverside. His research and teaching areas include Postcolonial Theory and Literature (South Asia and its diaspora) and Twentieth Century British Literature and Culture. He is the author of "Desire and the Doctrine of Renunciation in Martin Wickramasinghe's Viragaya," Navasilu: Journal of the English Association of Sri Lanka, 18, 2004, 62-72. His book reviews have appeared in The Journal of Asian Studies and World Literature Today. Works in progress include essays on George Orwell's Burmese Days, and an Anglo-Australian cricket controversy from 1933 named "bodyline." He is an avid fan of cricket and the colonial and postcolonial discourses circulating around it.

Okay, attention on errands for the next little bit...soon Purvi will be here, and then lunch and grantwriting.

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