I’ve decided that y’all…

I've decided that y'all need to be able to share more fully in my obsessiveness -- here's the list of those jobs that I've applied to and haven't heard from yet. Essentially, I applied everywhere that advertised an Assistant Professor position in Fiction. There are about 10 places left on this list that I'd strongly love to interview with; you can try to guess which ones, if you like, but don't expect me to confirm or deny. :-) Of course, in the end and with the academic job market the way it is, I'll be happy to get an offer from anywhere...

  • Adelphi U - Garden City, NY
  • Albion College - Albion, MI
  • Beloit College - Beloit, WI
  • Bluffton U - Bluffton, OH
  • Bucknell U - Lewisburg, PA
  • California SU - San Marcos, CA
  • Cameron U - Lawton, OK
  • College Misericordia - Dallas, PA
  • College of Charleston - Charleston, SC
  • Columbia U - New York, NY
  • Denison U - Granville, OH
  • DePauw U - Greencastle, IN
  • Eastern Illinois U - Charleston, IL
  • Eastern Michigan U - Ypsilanti, MI
  • Emerson College - Boston, MA
  • Florida Atlantic U - Boca Raton, FL
  • Franklin and Marshall College - Lancaster, PA
  • Gustavus Adolphus College - St. Peter, MN
  • Indiana State U - Terre Haute, IN
  • Indiana U - South Bend, IN
  • James Madison U - Harrisonburg, Va
  • Lake Forest College - Lake Forest, IL
  • Luther College - Decorah, IA
  • Miami University - Oxford, OH
  • Michigan State U - East Lansing, MI
  • Mills College - Oakland, CA
  • Minnesota State U - Mankato, MN
  • Nebraska Wesleyan - Lincoln, NE
  • Otis College - Los Angeles, CA
  • Pacific Lutheran - Tacoma, WA
  • Queens U of Charlotte - Charlotte, NC
  • Reed College - Portland, OR
  • Richard Stockton Colege - Pomona, NJ
  • Rutgers - Camden, NJ
  • St. John's U - Jamaica, NY
  • Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, TX
  • University of Chicago - Chicago, IL
  • U of North Texas - Denton, TX
  • U of Alabama Birmingham - Birmingham, AL
  • U of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
  • U of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA
  • U of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA
  • U of California San Diego - La Jolla, CA
  • U of Southern Maine - Portland, ME
  • U of Wyoming - Laramie, WY
  • Washington & Jefferson College - Washington, PA
  • Western CT State U - Danbury, CT
  • Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL
  • Willamette U - Salem, OR
  • Wright State U - Dayton, OH

6 thoughts on “I’ve decided that y’all…”

  1. Hello –

    I attended Beloit College. If you end up interviewing there, let me know and I can email you some information about the college and the lit faculty ‘off-list.’

    Best of luck-

  2. Wheaton College, eh? I wonder if it’s changed at all since my college-visiting trip in 1990, when my tour guide told me that playing secular music in the dorm rooms is discouraged, though not strictly forbidden.

    Or maybe it’s a different Wheaton.

  3. Mary Anne, I’m curious how you feel about the fact that any of these schools, including those you are interviewing with, could easily come visit the journal and read your thoughts on the process (and on specific schools/interviews) before making a decision.

    I don’t think you’ve said anything inappropriate and as a future academic I’m really enjoying your insight into the process, but I wonder if that possibility concerns you at all.

  4. Sarah, I did think about that, but I suppose it comes down to feeling like if they get me, they get the whole package, including the journalling; it’s not as if I’m going to stop that once I’m hired. So while I’m being a bit careful not to actually rank the schools I’m applying to publically, or some such, I’m trying to not be overly paranoid about keeping everything quiet either.

    It probably helps that while I would love to get an academic job, I’m in a position right now where I don’t have to have one, given how well the writing is going (especially if Vermont is interested in having me come back next fall for the low-residency teaching). So if I lose a job because they’re uncomfortable with my thoughts on the process, it’s easier for me to say — ah well, I wouldn’t have been happy with them anyway.

    I admit, I’ve wondered whether someone from Milwaukee stopped by and didn’t approve of my detailing the interview like that, and that’s why they didn’t call me back for a campus interview. Which is a sad thought. But really, if they would feel that way, then we probably weren’t a good fit in any case.

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