I’m not sure what to say…

I'm not sure what to say about her, but I just want to note that I'm thinking about Kate Major. She was one of my Clarion West classmates, someone I spent quite a lot of time with at the workshop. Kate was a good writer, and very funny, and always interesting to talk to. She had two small children, and was a few years older than me.

Kate was diagnosed with cancer this past spring, and a few days ago, I got e-mail from Susan, another classmate, that Kate had died. It doesn't seem real. I can't seem to take it in.

One thought on “I’m not sure what to say…”

  1. Mary Anne
    I’m so sorry. Feel so bad for the kids.
    My best friend passed away a few years ago…the death of a peer is one of the hardest thing to deal with the death of a peer.
    Hang in there,

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