Went to bed at 11:30,…

Went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 4:45, gods know why. Stubbornly stayed in bed for another half hour, but failed to sleep so eventually I gave up and got up to check e-mail. Not much e-mail (though Bob thinks that mosaic-ish memoir book I was talking about might be worth developing, which is cool -- Kate, you and I can be memoir-writing-buddies next year!), so next I read journals, and after that, I'm very tempted to take a book and go crawl back into my bed. It was warm in there.

There's a fair bit of material I want to review before my interview on Sunday -- some creative nonfiction essays from Baxter's The Business of Memory, some critical theory. Also, Katie recommended that before my interview I do two things -- think about what kind of literature classes I'm prepared to (and would like to) teach, and think about the ways in which my critical background has influenced my fiction. So I could just lie in bed and think about those two for a while.

I may spend the morning (once morning really arrives, after 8ish) running around a bit; if I want to formally graduate this semester (a technicality, and it doesn't actually matter if I graduate this semester or next, but it'd be nice to check it off and have it out of the way), I need to get the thesis office my manuscript by Monday. Which means I need to go inconveniently far in order to pick up the correct kind of paper to print it on (it's a long story). The currently plan is to call the paper place at 8, when they open, to confirm that they have the right paper. And then to call the thesis office at 10 (9 Utah time) to confirm that if I run around today and get them the manuscript by Monday, that it will in fact be in sufficient time. Even better would be if I could get it to them by later in the week, since I could then send it by regular mail and save a whopping amount on shipping costs -- this is going to be a big package, and I'm honestly not sure it's worth paying to overnight it just so I can formally graduate in December instead of May.

Other than that, I missed writing yesterday, so the main task for today is to get a good chunk of writing done. (I did think a lot about the book while waiting half an hour in the cold for the bus, and figured out some good stuff, so it wasn't an entirely book-less day.) This evening, I'm meeting Beth and David and possibly others for Thai food and Kinsey -- looking forward to it! Though I may need a nap first...

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  1. I woke up at 4:45 and tossed and turned until 5:30, too. Not thrilling.

    I misread that title as The Bustiness of Memory. Umm. Perhaps not everyone’s memory.

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