Never heard back from…

Never heard back from the thesis office, so what the heck. Will send it out tomorrow regular mail, and just take my chances on whether they have time to review it by the end of the semester.

In other news, my chair arrived (yay!), but the ottoman was the wrong color/fabric (boo!) and was sent back. The chair is immensely comfortable, though, just as desired. I have been typing in it for the past two hours and my back is very happy. I can sit cross-legged in it if I want (I often want). I can lean back and slouch to watch tv. Once it has an ottoman, so that Kevin can sit in the chair and I can sit on the ottoman and lean back and snuggle, it will be a truly mighty chair of goodness.

I'm about to run out the door to have dinner with Beth and David and see Kinsey, but a quick pointer first, to a good piece in the Guardian. You can skim down to the set of excellent questions at the end and get the point:

"It's time to flip the script, to lay bare just a hint of the assuming subconscious that infects the most common questions I have either been asked or heard. To ask the kind of questions of white, British people (some are just for Christians) that they often pose to "others" but are never asked themselves. I didn't make these up because I wouldn't know where to start. This is my world. For the next 500 words, you're just living in it.

"Do you think of yourself as white or British or both? Does it worry you that you got your job just because of your race? Where are you from? No, but really? Since this is where you live, don't you think you should try and integrate with other races more? Is your first loyalty to your God, or to your country? Is it true what they say about white guys? Given the genocide, slavery and colonialism unleashed in the name of Christianity over the last two centuries, do you feel your religion is compatible with democracy?..."

And so on. Thanks to Nick Mamatas for the link.

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