After three years, I…

After three years, I finally updated my list of major players in this journal. I probably missed someone or someones, but hopefully this will help you keep straight the names of all the brown women I'm hanging out with these days. I know, I know, we all look alike... :-)

It's December, and I'm starting to feel all holiday-ish. I picked up a little tabletop tree at the grocery store yesterday; we don't have room for a full-size one, sadly. But there are plenty of places to dangle ornaments around this apartment. It'll be mighty festive here in just a little while. I got a little snowman to stand outside our door too; he holds a box that I've filled with candy canes and holiday-foil-wrapped chocolates. And before Kevin left town, he helped me add a few more strings of lights to the ones we have wrapped around our pipes (I live in a renovated warehouse building, so there are pipes in odd places in the apartment). Sparkly!

Last night I made the first stage of plum pudding. I changed the recipe slightly -- decreased the raisins and sultans in exchange for chopped dried mango and cranberries; also skipped a quarter-cup of citron in favor of a little more than a quarter-cup of candied ginger. Yum yum. Added the first portion of brandy last night; four more nights of brandy to go, and then the actual pudding-making. I love the ritual of it all, and the sense that people have been making fruitcake in the winter for a thousand years or so.

Nothing too exciting planned for the rest of the day -- have some tea, do some exercise, finish reading the Waldrop story in the zeppelin book, and then go to the cafe and work. Tomorrow and Friday I'm expecting deliveries so will have to be at home for at least part of the day. Tomorrow my bound galleys arrive, eep! :-) :-) :-) And Friday my chair should finally be delivered. It was delayed an extra month, because they didn't have the ottoman in stock and had to build it from scratch. But soon, soon, it will be here...

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