I passed! I watched…

I passed! I watched them sign the forms and everything. I am now officially Professor Mohanraj (I would say Dr. Mohanraj, but I suspect all the medical doctors in my family would object :-).

It was actually remarkably painless. I read "The Princess in the Forest" for about twenty minutes, and then they asked me interesting questions, such as "Why did I choose the order that I did for the stories?" and "Why the switches in POV in 'Minal in Winter'?" and "How is this work in dialogue with other diaspora/immigrant literature?" Way cool. They said many sweet and complimentary things about my book as well. So nice.

And then afterwards, my darling advisor Katie took me and Paul out for champagne and crab cakes and artichoke dip. At four in the afternoon. Decadent and lovely and I'm still tipsy.

Dinner at 7:30 with some of the other grad students. What a lovely, lovely day.

:-) :-) :-)

24 thoughts on “I passed! I watched…”

  1. Look up the Latin meaning of “Doctor.” _You_ should object when the M.D.’s use the term, since it probably does not apply. And congratulations!!!

  2. Hooray! Careful about using the title Professor, too, since apparently in some quarters it’s reserved for tenure-track faculty. But I’m sure you’ll be fitting that category soon, so you might as well try it out a few times, see how it feels on your tongue: “Professor Mary Anne Mohanraj.” Congrats!

  3. To follow up on David B’s comment: “doctor” derives from the Latin word for “teacher”. …It’s also related to “docile,” btw; “docile” apparently originally meant “teachable.” 🙂

  4. Interesting, Jed. I did not know about the “docile” connection. Not that you need the admonition, Mary Anne, but do not be docile. Docile people may be teachable, but they are no fun to teach, I think.

  5. I suppose that everyone else has had the good taste not to say so, but I can no longer resist: When/if you and Kevin have children, they will have a paradox for parents.

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