This is a wonderful,…

This is a wonderful, tremendous book review by Jonathan Franzen of Alice Munro's latest title, Runaway. But it isn't really a book review. It's a meditation on short fiction vs. novels, on the kind of story Alice Munro writes and what makes her perhaps the greatest living short story writer in English, on the power of fiction when faced with the desolation of politics.

I heart Jonathan Franzen, even if I'm also reading his The Corrections right now and finding it almost unspeakably grim. I could wish that someday someone might write so loving and intelligent and understanding a review of my work.

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  1. When I read Franzen’s piece as soon as it came out I thought it too was one of the best reviews (it’s an uber-review) and short story versus the novel meditation I’ve read- in fact made me wax lyrical on my blog- also went running to read something, anything of Munro’s.
    And one day Mary Anne you certianly will have one such review if not many.

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