I wrote a thousand words…

I wrote a thousand words or so and then took a break to poke around in iTunes; I've been feeling the need for some more music -- I buy music pretty rarely, maybe every six months or so. So I bought two more CD's from Trout Fishing in America, great boppy kids' music for the most part, with one song, "Lullaby", which is just one of the prettiest tunes ever. I also bought the soundtrack to Buffy: The Musical. Now maybe I can let TiVo actually delete the episode.

Then I went to fix a problem, where iTunes had somehow lost track of one of my Dar Williams CD's -- I had to manually tell it where each song was. Easy enough to fix, but the last song on the CD was "The Christians and the Pagans", and listening to just the beginning of it, I suddenly found myself tearing up and sniffling.

I don't think I'm over this election yet.

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