So, I’m about 1400 words…

So, I'm about 1400 words into it today, and I think I'll manage 2000 and the end of this chapter. I'm a little worried because this entire chapter has ended up being one sex scene. It feels a bit odd and unbalanced, but honestly, I'm not sure what else to do here; it's an important sex scene, and adding in much other stuff -- family, cultural history, personal history, whatever -- would feel needlessly distracting, I think. I could skim over the sex a lot faster, but I'm keeping audience in mind.

I suspect most people reading this book won't ever have had sex with three people in the bed at once, and may have a difficult time picturing it, extrapolating from their own twosome or onesome experience. I think a concrete grounding here, the first time they're all together, will keep me from having to spend a lot of words on it later, if I do it right. And it's plenty emotionally complex to have that later to add to the physical detail -- the chapter's really more about the emotions than the physical sex. So I think it's okay. Maybe.

Maybe I just need to wait until I have an entire draft before I can properly evaluate whether it reads weird, to have an entire chapter be one long sex scene.

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