Thanks for all the draft…

Thanks for all the draft comments, guys -- very helpful. It's a little surreal, working on this, in part because I do tend to downplay the erotica stuff because I'm not sure how they'll take it, but also because it's also just falling off the c.v. because it was long enough ago. Strange; I defined myself as an erotica writer for so long -- it's odd not to have that be the main thing people see when they look at me.

Karina called from Australia last night, and I was very tired, so I happily talked to her until I fell asleep -- not sure when, but at a sane hour. Karina is very good at the kind of cheerful babbling that one can carry on almost one-sided until the other person goes to sleep. That doesn't sound like a compliment, but it is -- it's very pleasant to listen to, and I'm pretty good at it myself, when such is needed. :-)

The plan for today is a bit hectic. Revise draft of cover letter. Do dishes (which piled up when I was gone and are in a terrifying state). Make up application letters that are due by Nov 1 and personalize them for each position. Water plants (also in a terrifying state, but recovering, and only the begonia looks like it might not make it). Drop off revised SLF membership brochure at Kinko's. Print application letters and c.v.'s. Contact career services and make sure they have recommendation letters on file. Contact advisors and see if any of them want to update recommendation letter. Ideally, do all these by 2 or so, so that I can go to the cafe and actually write for a few hours. Go to Suketu Mehta's reading this evening (meet him for a drink first). Come home and pack if not too tired -- but my flight isn't until 11:15 tomorrow morning, so I do have time to pack in the morning if necessary. Pick up trifolded brochure from Kinko's by 10.

But first, tea.

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