Slept last night, thank…

Slept last night, thank god. I was tired. Still tired, but better.

Slow morning, packing, tea, leftover Chinese for breakfast. I have two hours now before I have to leave for the airport, and I think I'm going to make use of these last few hours in Philly to go out and take a few more photos. I'll be home by dinnertime, which is nice. I might even get some writing done today -- hah hah hah. :-)

Seriously, I'm way behind on writing for this last week, since I didn't do any, and there may not be any in the week to come, since I *must* spend the next two days I'm home doing job applications, and then I leave for World Fantasy in Tempe and don't get back until Monday. If I don't write in that time, it'll put me a week and a half behind schedule, giving me quite a bit of wordage to make up in November. We'll see.

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