Anyone want to find me…

Anyone want to find me free wifi in Philly? Thanks! :-)

A bit hectic this morning, getting ready to leave town. I'll be in Philly from today through Monday, doing a combination of attending this festival and doing research for TA. The novel is set there, and while I lived in Philly eight years ago, I don't remember it so well. So time to break out the digital camera and take masses of photos, plus masses of notes. Should be fun, I think. Makes me feel like a writer. :-)

I discovered yesterday that my tiny sewing machine can indeed hem jeans, which is pretty cool -- the heels of my jeans were getting severely frayed, and now they're all fixed. Very satisfying. And after that, I hemmed a pair of Kev's pants, which I admit sent a ridiculously feminine domestic thrill through me. I mean -- it's not as if I sit around every evening making him clothes or darning his socks -- this sewing machine is likely to come out of its box maybe once every couple of months. But when I do something like this, suddenly I feel like Meg in Little Women, an ideal of femininity, the angel in the house. It's a pretty rare feeling, so I enjoy it when I can. :-) And am grateful that I don't actually have to do this at all. Ever. That's what makes it fun.

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  1. The new guy at work is from Philly, but is not a cafe person. He said to try Cosi or Xando (both chains I think…). He also think Starbucks wifi might be free there, but they’re not out here, so I dunno.

    I get the exact same feeling when I hem something for Tim. It’s like a guilty pleasure when you’re otherwise a feminist, I think 🙂

    Safe journeys!

  2. non-helpful – but we’re in Philly last night/this morning (passing through, for a grand total of 17 or 18 hours, i think 😉 ). Our hotel has free wireless access: The Latham hotel, on 17th near Chestnut.

    There’s a Piano bar attached, called “The Redhead”. The music filteringout was actually pretty good last night….

  3. That’s actually helpful, since that’s near where I’m ending up for tea. 🙂 But the wireless question isn’t as urgent because it turns out that Ryan has wifi — or rather, someone in his building does…

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