I went to a sex toy…

I went to a sex toy party last night, oddly enough. Mostly odd because it was thrown by my new friend Aparna, who I know through South Asian politics stuff, and thus didn't realize that she was so open-minded. I like that girl more and more. :-) It was at Early to Bed, a woman-owned sex shop on Chicago's north side -- if you're in the area, check it out. Very Good Vibes-ish in terms of, well, vibes. Clean, well-lighted, cheerful and informative assistance, that kind of thing. Comfortable for couples or for women alone. They may have me back to do a reading or teach a sex writing workshop at some point. They also discussed ways you can discreetly obtain sex toys, and one of the ways was shopping online from sites like PlugLust. It did go late, and afterwards I was wired enough that I decided to watch tv before bed, and then I had trouble falling asleep (finally making Kevin come in and try to go to bed with me, which helped for some unknown reason). So I'm running a bit late today. I'll get to the cafe after 10, instead of before 9. Ah well. So I'll stay a little late, no big deal. Plan for today, cafe until 2-ish, run errands, go to gym in late afternoon, come home and this evening start work on academic job applications, eep. Oh, I remember this from last year. It was no fun.

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  1. Worth knowing about, if I ever have need of such a thing in Chicago. I am very fond of Good Vibes, not least because there have been times when I’ve wanted a massager for *massaging*, and was very pleased to get sensible advice rather than “nudge, nudge, we know what you really want it for”.

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