Sorry for the flood of…

Sorry for the flood of entries this morning, my dears -- just been in that kind of mood, I guess. But I think I'm now all done with the FAQ. Some of you suggested other interesting questions, but I think I've answered all the ones I can think of that are actually frequently asked. :-) Got to leave something for the interviewers to do, after all...

If you do think of any other questions that I should have included, or if you see any errors in the FAQ as it stands (especially if I give any faulty publishing advice!!!), please let me know.

I'm feeling greatly relieved because a missing SLF staff member has resurfaced. E-mail is lovely, but untrustworthy these days, and oh, it's good to have telephone numbers as backup!

Okay, now another cup of tea, and then I need to get some writing done. After that, phone conversation where I try to tell someone what my MFA was like (she's thinking of applying to Mills), and transit uptown to get a haircut (it's getting raggedy). Then gym. Then go home and collapse. :-)

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  1. The FAQ seems very erotica-centric — I wonder if people navingating to your site from the URL printed on your literary work, or from google, will think you’re primarily an erotica author (certaintly the early mention of is bound to give some literati pause!) I wonder if you should reorder it some? Or possibly just break it up into categories — have a header section listing what questions are answered, with links, and structure the list with categories?

  2. In case I wasn’t clear — it’s only the ordering, the fact that the first questions are about writing about sex, that makes it seem erotica-centric.

    It wouldn’t hurt to have the list of questions at the beginning actually link to the questions, so we don’t have to scroll…

    I expect the book sold in the book sold in late May *2004*, not late May 2005, unless you’ve been holding out on us on the whole time travelling thing.

    On the publishing advice, if an agent makes an author, you really should talk to some of their other authors about them. If possible, both their authors who are doing well, and those who are doing less well. Most authors who are not stratospherically big-name will probably respond to a query like “Your agent has offered to represent me. What do you think of her?” — whether to sing her praises, or to bitch.

  3. I’ll think about reordering, but it’s also sort of chronological right now, which is kind of nice. Not sure it’ll be as coherent if I move things around. We’ll see. I think it’s mostly an artifact of the fact that most of the questions I do get are still about sex — that might change when BiM comes out…

    I was planning on having the questions link — just haven’t gotten to it yet. 🙂

  4. “the book sold in the book sold in late May *2004*”

    What an interesting typo. Not only is it a typo made while making fun of a typo, which is ironic enough; but the actual sense of it suggests that the sale of your book is a fictional event taking place in your book, which is also nicely Escheresque.

    I think the FAQ is probably more use to your new influx of fresh-faced literary readers, than to your grizzled cadre of erotica readers who hang on every word of your blog anyway… plus, it sounds like that’s the direction you want to move in. So I’d structure it accordingly.

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