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DesiLit Website Design Contest -- $100 prize!

DesiLit is a new organization looking for some help finding an attractive logo and workable design. We're a non-profit grass-roots organization promoting South Asian and South Asian diaspora literature.

We're hoping that some designers might find it a fun challenge to try to put together a design for us; the winning designer will receive a $100 honorarium, and be listed prominently on our site, with a link back to their home page. We would particular appreciate it if the winning designer would be willing to work with us to fine-tune and refine the winning design, though this is not a requirement for entry.

Our current, extremely-minimal webpages can be found here:

What we're looking for is a design which incorporates the following elements:

- a simple DesiLit logo that is attractive in color, but which will reproduce cleanly in b/w, suitable for business cards, bookmarks, etc.

- a simple website design (ideally using CSS for ease of updating, but basic HTML is acceptable too) that will be easy-to-navigate; clarity is critical, and we are much more interested in broad accessibility than in pretty design bells and whistles. A winning design will be be viewable on multiple browsers, including Netscape, Safari, Opera, etc., and will be compatible with blind-readers. Examples of designs we like include the Speculative Literature Foundation ( and Strange Horizons (

You may enter up to three designs. To enter, please send an entry URL to:

with the subject line: DESILIT DESIGN CONTEST

The deadline is October 31, 2004. Entrants will be notified of their results by November 15, 2004. Thank you!

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