Okay, I’m going to go…

Okay, I'm going to go write now, I really am. But first, a little treat for those of y'all who don't want to just wait until next July to read the whole thing in order -- I've put up two of the Bodies in Motion stories: Lakshmi's Diary, recently published in Oasis Literary Journal and Mint in Your Throat (the much revised version, incorporating the material from "Ghosts"). I should have put that latter one up a long time ago -- I don't think I can reasonably try to publish it as a separate story, given that the early version has been on my site for several years now.

I'd like to dedicate "Mint in Your Throat" to the 'nice guys' I've dated. I'm sure it isn't easy, being a nice guy. On behalf of women everywhere, thanks. We do appreciate it.

Sometimes it astonishes me, looking back, that I've managed to get through such a tumultuous sexual/romantic history relatively unscathed. The credit goes to all those nice guys, along with my affection and love. I'd list you all here, to be sure you got full credit, but y'know, that'd be embarrassing. The list has gotten a bit long... :-)

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