So yesterday was the…

So yesterday was the first day I fell off the writing wagon -- but I'm going to write today instead (which is normally my day off), so I think it's okay. I just woke up yesterday and was overwhelmed by how messy my apartment had gotten -- books were crammed onto the bookcases willy-nilly, boxes still hadn't been unpacked or put away from WorldCon, that kind of thing. I spent most of the day re-organizing and cleaning. Didn't make it to the gym, either, but did a minimal workout at home. Weighed in at 138.8, which is down a pound from the 140 of last Sunday. Still up from the low point of about 136 just before the summer, sadly, but we're getting back there, inch by inch. Maybe in three weeks?

More importantly, I'm reasonably happy with how I look in clothes, which is key this week because I go to my fifteen-year high school reunion on Friday. :-) Not that all of the MPS girls won't likely be insanely thin (rich blondes from New England tend to be), but if I'm reasonably happy with how I look, that'll be a help. Yes, I already know what I'm going to be wearing for every day of the reunion. Yes, that's a little sad. Ah well. High school was about as insecure as I've ever been; it's difficult not to succumb to flashbacks.

I think Kevin and I are both a little sick, too, which is making me disinclined to go do major workouts at the gym. A low-level tiredness, and a somewhat congested head appear to be the symptoms. I've been trying to do a fair bit of walking at least -- the weather yesterday turned crisp and autumnal, for the first time, which is just lovely. I'm supposed to do weights today, so I am going to try to get to the gym, do half an hour cardio, followed by weights. That's the plan -- we'll see if it happens.

Jed read and responded to the first section of TA, and while he had lots of critique, it's sort of reassuring to read it, because almost everything he picked up on were things I already knew I had to fix -- artifacts of writing in a hurry and trying to get the story down -- too much summary and too many flashbacks and too much telling instead of showing, that kind of thing. Those are the kind of things that *can* be fixed in rewrite fairly smoothly, unlike 'your plot makes no sense and your characters are boring.' That would be extremely worrisome, at this stage.

Not that it's too late to just throw it all out and start over, if I have to, but I'm glad it's looking like I won't have to. :-)

Okie, breakfast and tea, maybe reading a little bit of Elizabeth Moon's Speed of the Dark. Then the gym.

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