Still failing to write,…

Still failing to write, but I did work out, and I made it to the cafe around 1:30. Shannon is here, which is nice -- I do like having company for the work. I've been tweaking the tech exchange pages like mad, with Kaolin's able assistance, and I think we're actually in pretty good shape with it now. I'm going to force myself to stop working on it, though, for at least a few hours. Why is it so much easier to do finicky web tweaking than to write fiction? Dumb question, never mind.

The plan is to write for the next few hours, and then call Kevin and see if he's up for going to Marshall Fields and looking at comfy chairs. We're still questing for my comfy chair -- the difficulty is that it needs to be 32" or less in at least one dimension, in order to fit through our narrow hallway. Crate and Barrel has a few that would work, but oof, they're expensive, even upholstered in fabric rather than leather, and even with the big sale that's going on right now. That one in a dark red fabric would be around $1200, which is still something like 4 times what I've ever paid for a piece of furniture -- I'm clearly not ready for grown-up furniture prices yet; they make my stomach churn. And besides, Kevin doesn't love any of their styles. Marshall Fields is offering 40% off any single piece of furniture bought on this coming Saturday, so we're going to swing by this evening, I think, and see if they have anything workable.

Okay, enough babbling. Write write write.

5 thoughts on “Still failing to write,…”

  1. If you’ve got a nearby CostPlus World Market, I’d recommend looking at their chairs. They have a number of very comfy leather ones at medium-grownup prices. I like this recliner very much, but they have several other styles as well.

  2. I did consider that recliner — it’s a little more of a modern look than is ideal for me. There’s an ongoing struggle in our apartment between my desire for medieval/Indian/library style, and Kevin’s desire for extremely clean modern style. I think the compromises we come up with are actually more attractive than either of our styles separately. 🙂

    I think I actually saw a chair I really like at Marshall Fields today, for $800 (on sale more than 55%), so that’s a strong contender. Kev was working so he didn’t go with me — I’ll drag him in sometime this weekend and we can see what he thinks of it. It definitely leans a bit towards the medieval. 🙂

    I’m also going to swing by Restoration Hardware tomorrow, though I suspect their stuff is just too expensive. But it can’t hurt to look.

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