I hope y’all are…

I hope y'all are enjoying the FAQ answers, and they're serving as decent substitute journal entries. :-)

Quiet day -- woke up and read for a few hours (still working on the Susanna Clarke book, slow but v. satisfying), then went to a dance class. Much less boring than the gym, much more embarrassing. All the other students were a) thinner than me, b) better dancers, and c) better dressed. Some days you'd rather cope with boredom, some days embarrassment. :-) Good workout, in any case.

Now at a cafe -- spent two hours goofing off, so I really ought to start writing soon. I'm finding myself particularly resistant to writing today -- I suspect that's because I've just finished a section, and need to start a new one, which has a certain extra initial effort built in. But I'm going to write soon. Really I am...

I did do some writing-related work today -- in addition to the FAQ, that is. I sent an impertinent note to Chitra Divakaruni, asking if she'd possibly blurb my book. I have a tenuous connection through her niece, who kindly passed along her e-mail. And we did meet once, years ago, when she read at Mills. Very tenuous, but ah well -- worse that happens is that she says no. She probably won't decide she hates me forever just because I asked, right? I'd be sad if she did -- I like her books.

She's coming to Chicago this week; I'm going to go hear her read on Thursday, down in Hyde Park.

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