1300 words on The…

1300 words on The Arrangement today (henceforth to be called TA :-) -- decent prose for a change, and I connected some bits, so I have what approximates a third chapter now. About 17,000 connected words from start to finish of the first three chapters.

I'm not sure what to do next -- I could just keep going, but what I have so far was written in bits and pieces, so it's all a bit disjointed. I think now might be a good time to pause and revise those three chapters -- just a quick pass, so it all makes sense and can provide a good base for the next section. Hmm... pondering. Might be the right time to pause and make Jed read it. :-)

Going home now, maybe make a curry if there's time before heading downtown. Good day. Glad I came to the cafe. So far, this cafe thing is working well.

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