Hey, munchkins. …

Hey, munchkins. Reporting in from WorldCon, sitting in the concourse between the hotel and the convention center and enjoying the free wireless over breakfast. Breakfast is good, but food has been something of an issue the last few days -- I've eaten two rich dinners in a row (Italian with my parents in CT Wednesday night, and delectable Vietnamese with Todd and Debby and Shmuel and Susan in Boston last night), and both nights I've gotten really queasy afterwards and taken hours and hours to be able to fall asleep. Most miserable and pathetic. I think I've managed about six hours of sleep in the last two nights, total, so I'm feeling a bit...stretched. I'm going to try to eat more lightly the next few days -- see if lots of salads will help with this. Jed found me some dramamine too, so if all else fails, I can take that tonight and get knocked out for at least one night.

Other than that, though, the convention has been a lot of fun so far. I was on a good panel on opening scenes in the morning, then Tobias Buckell kindly let me sit in on his post-colonial sf panel, most interesting, and later I was on a slipstream panel. All fun, good discussions. Theodora Goss is very smart; I'd like to talk to her more. I've also spent some time with Karen (not a lot yet, but hopefully more later in the con), and a long conversation with Betty Hull (an academic and Fred Pohl's wife) when we were trapped together in an hour-long hotel registration line, and tea this morning with Farah Mendlesohn and Jo Walton and Bob Silverberg and Marcy Malinowycz. Pleasant conversations about philology and lost languages and the like. Good stuff.

I managed to work out with Diana Sherman yesterday, in the quite decent hotel gym, and in a little bit I'm going to borrow a swimsuit from Farah and go swimming for a while. I'm trying to change my convention patterns -- usually I drink too much and stay up too late and eat too much and up feeling sick and miserable. So the goal this convention is to avoid overindulgence, but still have a good and productive time. We'll see how it goes.

If you're around, I should be at the SLF fan table for most of the day -- come by and say hi!

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