Well, I survived the…

Well, I survived the dentist (my gums aren't *quite* as bad as they were last time I went, though I have been given stern twice-a-day-flossing-instructions), and rewarded my virtue (for going) with a visit to the Apple Store, conveniently half a block away. I am typing this on my new wireless keyboard, with my laptop elevated on an iCurve stand!

While the keyboard is not quite as nice as the PowerBook keyboard, I have to admit, this setup feels a lot more ergonomic. I.e., more comfortable! Somehow all this makes me want to sit up straight, too, but no guarantee that'll last. I'm a slumper from way back... :-) I also indulged myself with a new power cord for the computer, which will live in my computer bag, so that when I'm heading off to the cafe to work, all I have to do is unplug my computer from its adaptor and (leaving that adaptor there, at my desk), stick it in my bag and go. (Jed, I'm not leaving the iSight plugged in all the time -- just let me know if you want to see me. :-)

Lots of errands left today, so I'd best run off and do them. Kinko's, empty car, Walgreens, gym, deposit checks, send Karina's present, pack. With a bunch of other optional things thrown in, if time permits.

3 thoughts on “Well, I survived the…”

  1. Yay ergonomics!

    I find that I’m more inclined to hunch over the keyboard under certain circumstances such as:

    Monitor is too low or too far away.

    Text on monitor is too small.

    Chair doesn’t have a comfortable back with good back support.

    …I don’t know if slumping involves similar factors, but my point is really that ergonomic chair is a good way to improve both comfort and posture. I don’t know what kind of chair you currently use, but if it’s not adjustable and doesn’t have a good supportive back, you might consider getting a different one. (Though it may be hard to find an ergonomic chair that’ll fit your decor, I dunno.)

  2. There is a type of chair that was popular in the 80’s which has no back, just supports for your knees and butt. It keeps you automatically straight and comfortable. I LOVE them.

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