I arrived Wednesday…

I arrived Wednesday to a gorgeous bunch of flowers from Kevin, white snapdragons, red roses, and various others we couldn't identify, (Karina was somewhat indignant when I told her this, wondering what the world had come to that *Kevin* had become actually better about flowers than her Joe was...). His birthday present to me is a little hard to explain, but involved sugar-free syrups and home-made fizzy water in a canister in our fridge. You'll have to trust me that it's a very good present, that allows me to make guilt-free Italian sodas anytime I want. Also he had made us birthday reservations (his birthday is coming up soon, so celebrating for both of us) at Le Lan, which turned out to be delectable French Vietnamese food. The poached shrimp appetizer was stunning, and the apricot souffle with a key lime creme brulee was about as good as I could imagine it being. The post-dinner evening was very satisfying as well; I curled up in bed and finished reading Matt Ruff's absolutely terrific Set This House in Order, with Kev curled up around me. This is uncharacteristic behavior. I think the boy missed me. :-)

Yesterday was unpacking and laundry and reorganizing closet (don't ask me why) and another fabulous dinner, this time with Beth because she owed me one, at Crofton on Wells which had the most tender octopus I have ever tasted, and a mind-melting chipotle sauce on their chicken, though we were just a tad disappointed that the caramel peppercorn sauce on the bitter chocolate dessert was not peppery enough. Afterwards I finished reading another fabulous book, Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Two of the best books I've read this year, in two days. An embarrassment of riches. After finishing, discussed furniture options with Kev. (I'm probably buying myself an actual desk, so I won't have to work at the dining room table anymore...more ergonomic, yay...)

Today is dealing with many little pieces of paper and other to-do urgent items like registering for my last semester at Utah so I can graduate in December and giving them money and the like. I'm feeling oh, so behind on everything. But in the meantime, you get two photos from Ann's birthday party in the wine country, taken by their friend Jim. Kev is notoriously photo-shy, and claimed at the time that his willingness to actually pose for these photos was a birthday present for me. Hmmm....not a bad present at that. :-)

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