Postcards, postcards,…

Postcards, postcards, postcards. Your thoughts on this draft would be appreciated...did I mention that I'm going to give up writing and go into marketing? 'cause it's *so* much fun...

"[Strange Horizons] has become a showcase for some of the most exciting new voices in the genre." -- James Patrick Kelly's "On the Net" column, Asimov's

"This may be the best online publisher of speculative fiction right now..." -- Paula Fleming of Paula's Picks

Hugo-nominated online magazine Strange Horizons was founded in September 2000, publishing short fiction, poetry, reviews and articles of interest to the speculative fiction community every Monday. Even as the print publishing market for speculative fiction has contracted, the genre has expanded. A new generation of writers and artists has emerged: multicultural, non-traditional, willing to step past cliches. Strange Horizons gives these rising stars another place to shine.

"Strange Horizons is one of a new breed of online publications proving that online fiction is here to stay" -- Tangent Online

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