Feeling oddly pressured…

Feeling oddly pressured and stressed -- I think it's wrapping up things here, wanting to be home, being aware that I'll have to leave again not long after that for WorldCon, and that there's bunch of stuff to do first, etc. and so on. I'm trying to put my head down and just get through some of the backlogged projects right now -- hopefully that'll help. Not sleeping well. :-(

On the plus side, I've revised the publicity card and it's definitely better, and I've gotten a recommendation from Cecilia Tan for a printer, and if I can have the cards ready by Thursday (Friday at the latest), I'll have them mailed to me by the 31st, so I'll have them before I leave for WorldCon. Coolness. Any of you other writers out there who want to jump on the postcard bandwagon before WorldCon, now you know your deadlines. :-)

I also had a really terrific time at a party yesterday. Minal gathered together all kinds of cool local South Asian writer folks, and we cooked and ate and talked and it was just terrific. Particularly cool was meeting Pireeni Sundaralingam, a Sri Lankan-British poet. We have an awful lot in common -- mostly family stuff, and after half an hour talking with her, I felt like I'd known her forever, like she was one of my own cousins. And she's going to be at this South Asian literary festival in Philly, possibly on the very same panel I'll be on. Yay! :-)

There was all kinds of talent there; we're hoping to set up a mailing list for them, under the desilit.org aegis. The empire grows. :-) Though perhaps 'empire' isn't the wisest term for it...

2 thoughts on “Feeling oddly pressured…”

  1. well there is a longstanding tradition of people reclaiming words with negative connotations… so why not try it with “empire”? 🙂

    (“geek” or “gay” pride, “queer” etc.)

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