Hey, munchkins. Yes,…

Hey, munchkins. Yes, it's the middle of the night -- I'm fine, but for some reason am wide awake. I went to bed at 11:30 or so, like a good little girl, though I wasn't feeling very tired. Slept for an hour, woke up at 12:30, wide awake. I tried reading for a while, a pretty funny book my father recommended, The Hamilton Case, by Michelle de Krester, set in Sri Lanka and told from the pov of a 'real character', as my dad would call him. :-) Good read, but wasn't making me sleepy. And I did have a bit of an upset stomach, which it wasn't distracting me sufficiently from. So I watched Galaxy Quest instead -- Jed gave it to me as part of my birthday present. Excellent middle-of-the-night material; I recommend it to any of you in similar circumstances. I didn't get quite as choked up as I did the first time I saw it, but oh, maybe a little. It made me look forward to WorldCon, and also made me want to watch Star Trek for the rest of the night, but sadly, the DS9 DVD's that Kev gave me last Christmas were left at David's and are not here. Ah well. If I get desperate, I can start watching Firefly -- Jed also gave me those. Good Jed.

Not sure what I'm going to do when I finish this entry -- maybe try sleeping again, listening to soft music on my computer. That's worked reasonably well for putting me to sleep in the past. Usually, I'm a good sleeper -- heck, a great sleeper. I sleep like a log. Most nights at home, I'm asleep five minutes after my head hits the pillow, if not sooner. But travel throws me off sometimes, and more and more as I get older, sadly. And I'm feeling pretty insanely energetic these days -- I suppose I should go and get my thyroid levels checked again when I get back, see whether I still need to be taking as much thyroid hormone as I am. I don't know whether it's that, or whether it's all the exercise (the days I lift weights, I sleep very well, but the days I don't exercise at all, I feel restless), or whether it's something else. Anxiety is a possibility, but I'm not sure what I'd be anxious about. The book, maybe, but it honestly doesn't feel that pressing. Weird.

I had an nice time working in San Carlos -- revised for a few hours, then did a little shopping and picked up a truly great brown leather shoulder bag that is exactly the right size to hold my laptop, spare battery, cell phone, and a hardcover book, for only $20. What more does a girl need? And then there turned out to be a farmer's market going, so I got to wander around and sample lots of yummy fruit. Mmmm....

Jed showed up eventually, and we sampled fruit together until Kevin called. The poor boy was sick and feeling mopey. Wished I were there to bring him soup. It's great seeing everyone here, but two months is too damn long to be away from home. I suppose it's good to learn that now, since I had been planning on doing two months in Sri Lanka early next year. I think six weeks may be my outside limit. I know if I were home, I wouldn't be any more likely to get to sleep quickly, but it's just better, you know, being at home when you're exhausted and out of sorts. Though Jed has done a really fine job making up a fabulous guest room here. I shouldn't complain.

Then dinner with Arthur and Pam, good Thai takeout. Got into a long, obsessive conversation about why so many women we know still change their last names when they get married. I have issues with that, and am tempted to do a long rant here on the subject, but well, y'all probably know what I'd say, and in some sense, it's not really any of my business what people choose to do with their own names. But it bugs me, on a visceral level.

If the sleeping fails, I suppose I'll work instead. I'm going to this writing retreat later today, but I can always nap at Susan's, I'm sure. It's tempting to just stay up and work now -- I'm still wide awake, not a yawn in sight. And I have a bunch of David's line edits on the book...hmmm...that's sounding pretty appealing. I promised Susan potato curry for the retreat, and I had thought to just bring it for Sat/Sun, but since I'm up anyway... And this way, if I'm feeling up to it, I might even have time to go to the gym before my ride arrives. Maybe I should just ditch the sleeping idea, go get some tea, and declare the day started. 3:30 is early, but not so early. I know people who voluntarily get up at 4:00 a.m. to run before they go in to work.

Yes, I think they're crazy too.

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