Just a quick note to say…

Just a quick note to say that my e-mail access is extremely minimal here, and I'm going to wait to respond to much of anything until Sun or Mon, when I get to Jed's. Also to note that Kev's visit is going well. It's so lovely to see him -- I've enjoyed my last month in California, but I missed him something fierce.

His parents have remodelled recently, turning one of the back two bedrooms into a little living room, connected to the back bedroom by a bathroom, and are now cheerfully insisting that this is 'our suite', for whenever we come to visit. Such a sweet suite! :-) It's very nice to have that little extra bit of privacy when visiting the in-laws, however fond you are of them. Which I am.

I did a good run yesterday (my run is more of a run run run gasp for air slow to a walk for a block run run run repeat) around their little hill loop here (about two miles, I think), which I think not only made my body feel better, but also exorcised an old, lingering demon. See, when Kev and I were first dating, lo these twelve years past, and I came out here to meet his folks, at some point (when the folks were away), Kev and I had a big fight. Can't remember what it was about right now, but I was furious and upset and walked out, leaving him angry behind me. I walked and walked around this neighborhood, for a noticeable amount of time -- at least an hour, maybe two? There's a vineyard/novitiate right next door, and I think I spent a fair bit of that time trespassing on their beautiful grounds. In any case, I came back eventually, calmed down, and he met me at the door, affectionate and contrite. He hadn't expected me to be gone nearly that long, and had started to worry. So all's well that ends well, but somehow, pounding along the roads here yesterday in a cheerful mood felt like it more conclusively laid those ancient ghosts. Nice.

Mostly a lot of lounging around at the moment, accompanied by some shopping yesterday for Ann's birthday, for which we're having a party today. Going up to the wine country for a day of sun, fun and tasty wines. Yum. Oh, and we went to CostPlus and looked at a comfy chair, which we are mighty tempted by, though it's a darker shade of brown than we'd intended to get. Hmmm...and hmm... again. We'll see.

That's about it to report -- I'm going to finish my cup of tea, throw on some running clothes, and run to downtown Mountainview (about a mile) to pick up some coffee for Kevin and hopefully flowers for Ann (if the store is open). Then walk back, uphill all the way. Oof. (Okay, uphill half the way, but it's a steep uphill!)

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