Happy birthday to me!…

Happy birthday to me! :-)

Had a great time at yesterday's party -- food and drink, conversation and song, sailing beforehand, and a nice long talk with Jed after, chocolate raspberry cake, kids running about, and Kat recited cummings to me. It was just all good.

Today, birthdayness continuing -- Pat Murphy's taking me out for lunch in the city. Nice! I think I'll be working in the city the rest of the day; will find a cafe somewhere. Class to teach tonight.

13 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!…”

  1. Happy birthday!

    (It was a chocolate *raspberry* cake? Gah! I would not have been able to resist had I known that! Which, I suppose, is just as well… goodness knows I ate enough delicious curry buns, sushi and those tasty thai chicken wonton things. You continue to throw wonderful parties, MA 🙂

  2. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wonderful Mary Anne. I’m so glad you were born… my world is so infinitely richer because you are in it! All of us here at Possum Hollow send you warmest regards, now and always…

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