Okay, this is totally…

Okay, this is totally goofy, but I just realized that it might actually work to structure my novel through Star Trek. A relationship novel in five parts, that would go something like this:

I. Classic Trek
- its all about the adventure, excitement, rash decisions, sex and friendship

II. Next Generation
- wisdom, integrity against all odds will carry the day, a faith in wholeness

III. Deep Space 9
- moral complexities, ambiguities, culture clash, regrets, ending in tragedy

IV. Voyager
- solitary, alone, cut off, trying to make sense and hold true to self

V. Enterprise
- start over at the beginning, but carry what you know with you, stumbling through a dark field, but you have a flashlight, and maybe youll make your way

Utterly ridiculous? Maybe, but at the moment, it sounds oddly workable...

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