Just called back Bob and…

Just called back Bob and pointed him to the photos and got his advice (which I probably should've done beforehand) and he says I should take a whole bunch more and ideally for promo photos three-quarter shots (which I think means from just above the waist) are better, and definitely full-color, rather than b/w. So, good to know. Karen has kindly offered to take some when I get back, and I may well prevail on Kam to take some more at some point later in the year, but these will do for the summer, at least.

I also talked over the war story with him, and I *think* I just figured out what exactly was wrong with it and how to fix it (based on Bob's excellent suggestions, and influenced by Dan's insightful crit). Exciting! I still feel too random and distracted to actually revise today, but hopefully by Monday. It needs more narrative, and I'm going to give it some. So there.

I *love* having an agent who is also an editor. I don't know if that's common or rare, but it's exactly what I want. Also nice that he responds to my statement that I'm hoping to lose ten more pounds by the end of the summer with a claim that I'll be "nothing but skin and bones" -- so very not true, but charming to hear nonetheless. :-)

Still planning on going to the gym, once I figure out how to get there...

Oh, one more thing -- a quote for the day:

"Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working." -- Albert Giacometti, sculptor

Giacometti was probably independently wealthy when he said that, but it's still nice to think about. :-) I like his sculptures too.

5 thoughts on “Just called back Bob and…”

  1. So many agents are former editors now…they see that those mounting 15% are, in the end, more than those low salaries they used to get…

  2. I posted this comment a couple of days ago, but it pertains to your photo stuff so here it is again.

    Had you considered contacting Tracy Lee about
    taking some photos of you?

    I like her work (including the shot that you
    used on the cover of “Torn Shapes…)
    Just a thought.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hmm…I like Tracy’s stuff, of course, but I haven’t been in touch with her in over seven years. It seems to make more sense to use photographers I currently know…

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