Hey, munchkins. I’m in…

Hey, munchkins. I'm in Jay Lake's house, with wireless internet and Diana's computer (which is just exactly the same as mine, so I didn't bother getting mine out of my bags :-).

Very dozy -- woke up at 4:30 to finish typing up and printing out my crits and teaching notes for the SH workshop. Left for the airport at 6:15, with everything done in time, whew. It was a close thing. Got a yummy breakfast burrito at the airport, with avocado and tomato, plus a latte (no chai, sadness), which helped fortify me for the flight.

Good flight, plotted out a story, and then when I got to the airport, I took the two hours I had to spare there and wrote a good chunk (maybe two-thirds) of a new story, that will either be a new Shefali/Roshan story for the collection, or will be incorporated into the novel -- actually, it'll be incorporated into the novel regardless. So that was very satisfying, especially because the writing just flowed, so easily.

It's really exciting, knowing so much about these characters' backgrounds -- it makes it a lot easier to write a layered narrative, since I don't have to constantly make things up; I can draw on what's already there. More like uncovering their lives than creating them. So nice! Let's hope this continues.

Okay, now I'd better give this computer back and drag Diana and Harry off to get some lunch. Once Jay's finished with his phone meeting, then we'll head out to the coast. So now, really really, I'm off the net for a few days.

Will you miss me?

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  1. Oh, didn’t you know? The others named me their spokesperson. We were afraid that if all the teeming millions posted answers at once to your comments it would crash the comment page.

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