Jed notes that…

Jed notes that yesterday, we went sailing, though his cheerful account leaves out the fact that I managed to run us aground, and in the process of trying to get back in the water, the rudder came off, and that while poor Jed was trying to get it back on, he scraped his leg with rusty metal and probably gave himself tetanus. And we were often going very fast, with me chanting at the wind to go faster faster faster, and we may have come perilously close to capsizing multiple times. (I must confess that I was doing that part on purpose. Capsizing is fun. :-)

Not to mention the fact that while we were trying to eat our lovely picnic lunch (crab sushi, hummus and falafel and pita, chicken and tomato and avocado sandwiches, mango-orange soda, yum), we were attacked by hordes of importunate geese and an occasional very very scary bee. Jed makes it sound all calm and relaxing and pleasant-like, what with the sun and the water and the singing and the drifting about and the kissing, but I am here to tell you that HE IS NOT TELLING YOU THE WHOLE STORY!

We were lucky to survive, that's what I say.

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