It looks like my class…

It looks like my class at Kearny Street in San Francisco this summer is almost full (10 of a possible 12), so if you were planning on signing up, it's now or never. :-)

I had an idea for a new novel. Eep. It would pick up one of the characters from the new story I'm writing now. I talked it over with Bob, and he thinks it sounds good, and I should send him a one-page synopsis when I get a chance. He's not going to try to sell it yet, though -- I think at this point, we wait to see what my actual sales and reviews are like on the collection when it comes out. But still, it's kind of exciting to know not just when the next book will be, but what the one after that will likely be. Makes me feel more like a writer. (It's ridiculous at this point in my career that I still feel the need for reassurance on that score, but what can you do?)

In other news, had a very interesting lunch yesterday with an Indian-American Tamil gentleman who is very involved with the LTTE (Tamil Tigers). Fascinating. Took many notes. Then had a long, leisurely visit with my local aunt and my aunt who is visiting from Toronto -- mmm....fried rolls. Fried peppers. Mutton curry to take home with me. Killed the diet for yesterday, but who cares? We're meeting the whole family for dinner tonight downtown; Toronto auntie gets to meet Kevin. Hopefully will be fun. Yesterday's conversation was good, with only minor pressure re: marriage. :-) My poor relatives.

I'm feeling very fond of Kevin these days. Maybe it's because I'm leaving on Sunday for two months. :-) Not sure, but whatever the reason, I'm enjoying it. Much mushiness and snuggling abounding.

But now, working.

4 thoughts on “It looks like my class…”

  1. Mary Anne, you know I love your generosity of spirit and basic faith in human nature and untroubled optimism and can-do, no-nonsense, nonjudgemental attitude; and my Dad and Mom did spend one summer of the 1960s interviewing veteran insurgents from the IRA, the anti-British Greek Cypriot insurgency, and the Palmach, but….

    … in the USA of 2004, do you really want to blog about your meetings with members of paramilitary insurgent groups? Not being sufficiently educated about the situation in Sri Lanka, I won’t use the “t” word. But don’t you think this is the sort of thing the Dept. of Homeland Security might frown upon?

    Not that you shouldn’t DO it.. I just wonder if you should BLOG about it…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, it’s going to be hard to avoid blogging about it, I think, given that I think the next novel is going have an ex-member of the Tigers as a protagonist, and I’m going to be doing a lot of research on them, and hopefully talking with some in Sri Lanka in January. The person I met with isn’t actually one of them — he’s just a local supporter.

    As for whether they’re a terrorist group — they’re currently classified as one by the U.S., certainly. Whether they actually are one, or what that word precisely means — well, that’s some of what the book will be exploring. The differences between terrorists and freedom fighters, etc., if such exist. Assuming I write it.

    And as for whether I should worry about being public about this — there was a while, during the whole Communications Decency Act, when my website was technically illegal, and certainly risky, and people advised me to take it down. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It just doesn’t appear to be the sort of thing I’m constitutionally equipped to do, unless I’m under far greater threat than I believe I currently am.

  3. Okay. And yay for that. And I hope that the United States is also not Constitutionally equipped to make you take it down…

    Nu, you go, be free, be a rebel, live your life, God forbid you should change anything, I’ll just sit in the dark here and worry, bubbeleh.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    You’re adorable. 🙂

    If it helps any, I really am planning on becoming a U.S. citizen any day now. Or at least filing the paperwork.

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