Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Feeling quietly happy today. There's a cool breeze blowing through the window; I have an abundance of mini-roses and eucalyptus on the coffee table, my tea is tasty, my kitchen is clean. I've spent a few hours working so far, hope to get a few more hours done, but we'll see how the day goes. Bryan and Elissa and Ben will arrive here at some point this morning, and Michael's coming by to join us for lunch, so I'll need to take a break and cook. There'll be some socializing, and then perhaps some more work this afternoon.

At 6:30, I need to be at Borders to have an in-person planning meeting re: the lit festival. We've got a pretty damn comprehensive list of names now -- we need to formalize our festival description and start thinking about co-sponsors. Ugh. This is the part I don't like, asking people for money. Everything else I actually kind of enjoy, all the organizing stuff. I like making lists. I like setting up schedules. I like checking things off my schedules and lists. But the money stuff -- ah well. Must be done.

I'm glad I've got that abstract done. Hopefully I can draft that interstitial paper today; if I get that done, I'll consider it a productive day. Fingers crossed.

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