I’m cutting back on my…

I'm cutting back on my commitments, which means that I'm giving up the idea of editing for Tor, at least for the moment. So if you were thinking of sending me a proposal, please don't. I've forwarded the few that I had positive responses to, to a different editor at Tor. Whew. It's a load off my mind -- my heart really wasn't in that project, I think.

I feel slightly guilty about sloughing them off -- but not very much, since the authors I've talked to will probably have a much better shot at getting their book bought if they win over a regular Tor editor... I have no actual status with the company. And now they have a recommendation from me, rather than submitting blind to her.

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  1. OOPS! I just this morning emailed someone and recommended that he send you a synopsis. Sorry about that.

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