I am all full of…

I am all full of socializing these days -- high school friend Carmela and husband Dan and friend John came down for brunch yesterday. Discovered that the Thai mango-chicken salad thing I've been making is very tasty paired with cumin quick bread. Mmm....next time I'm adding some more crushed cumin seeds; I love crunching into them.

Then ran over to the post office and picked up a package they hadn't quite managed to deliver. One of my readers, Tanya, was in India recently and kindly picked up some Tamil stuff for me -- songs, children's books -- and she also threw in some lovely incense and a book of mehndi patterns too. So sweet! Now I have some motivation to start studying...

And in the evening, went to Beth and David's for dinner. The food, as always, was delectable, and the conversations were fun. But I was struck once again by how it's not so easy, being single (even if you're only appearing single because your sweetie prefers doing math to talking to people) in a crowd entirely composed of couples. There's this whole kind of creepy couple dynamic that reinforces itself... Reminded me again to be sure to keep my own dinner parties nice and mixed.

Today, slept too late, feel groggy. Finally managing to have tea and wake up a little; soon will get dressed and go see Harry Potter with Heather and her friend Nell. So that's all good.

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