Hey, munchkins. Surreal…

Hey, munchkins. Surreal sort of day -- I woke up around 5, not having slept much, and worked steadily until 2 or so, then went to the gym. I've been doing a lot of eating the last few days and not much exercising, so I put in a good workout today -- half an hour elliptical, weights, twenty minutes swimming. I was, of course, ravenous after that, and consumed 800 calories of sushi, but I think it's okay. That should tide me over 'til 7 or 8, and I can nibble a bit more and then crash early. Hope so. Everything just feels much later than it actually is, y'know?

Work today was mostly finishing up various small tasks. Putting various things in the mail -- sent Bob a copy of Silence and sent my editor a little curry powder. Just 'cause. :-) Tomorrow I'm going to go downtown to Borders and work I think. Research what I can there about the war in Sri Lanka. I need to find details of the fighting in the last decade. Not going to be pleasant reading, but necessary.

Oog. Tired. Think I'm about done with the computer for the moment. My arms are all achy from swimming, but achy in a good way.

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