Good dinner. :-) Kevin,…

Good dinner. :-) Kevin, me, Kev's dad, my sister, Farah from England, Nnedi (who also knows Farah), Beth. Lovely group. Of course everyone had to go earlyish, since it's a Tuesday night, but still had a lovely time while they were all here. And the food came out almost perfectly, except for the bacon-wrapped dates, which we managed to burn. Ah well. They were fairly redundant anyway.


  • mango-chili-chicken wontons (once again, a hit)
  • prosciutto-wrapped canteloupe
  • bacon-wrapped dates (luckily, my sister likes burnt food, and ate several of them)

  • roasted beets with goat cheese and toasted walnuts over baby spinach

  • grilled shrimp (marinated in chopped garlic, ginger, Sri Lankan curry powder, cayenne, salt and pepper, vegetable oil)
  • grilled three-pepper (Tellicherry black, green, and pink) steak
  • grilled asparagus
  • grilled radicchio (are you sensing a theme? :-)
  • saffron basmati rice

  • lemon and mango sorbet (definitely not homemade) with fresh blueberries
Most astonishingly, it turned out that Kevin cooked more than half of the meal this time around. I have to remember to put grilled stuff on the menu more often. And salads. :-)

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