I think it’s only fair…

I think it's only fair to warn y'all that I appear to be in a fragile and melancholy mood today. Conversations with people will start out fine, interesting, cheerful even, but somehow end up with me feeling sad. Maybe it's the weather.

In any case, if I do it to you, try not to take it personally.

2 thoughts on “I think it’s only fair…”

  1. It might be success, too.

    It’s a natural, if odd, reaction to be melancholy and depressed just after you get over the initial rush of a magnificent achievement, like selling your books. I’ve had that at major publication milestones.

    *internet hug*


  2. Hmm…could be, though it didn’t feel connected to that. Just a mood. Mostly passed now. Hugs always appreciated, though. 🙂

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