I miss people. It’s…

I miss people. It's lovely to be home, and I'm eager to get on with all there is to do here -- clean up, deal with minor paperwork, call Bob and burble at him, get the SLF June membership drive going, write up con reports and Co-op table reports. But I didn't want to leave Madison.

I pretty much saw everyone I wanted to see, and I talked to most of them, but I wanted to talk to most of them for longer than I got to, and I wanted to talk to a few people for much much longer -- really, I want to just call them up and chat, and I don't even know their phone numbers, that's not the kind of relationship we've had, and it's probably just a convention desire anyway, and in a few days it'll pass, but right now, it's frustrating. I spent a while last night re-reading their journals, looking at their photos. Which made it worse, of course. Poor Kev had to listen to me going on and on about people he's mostly never met, poor guy.

And then there were a whole bunch of interesting people whom I casually like, but I'm not sure I've ever had a real conversation with, and I'd like that to happen some day. I wish they'd all just come to Chicago for a week, stay nearby, and we could eat and talk and dance and talk and sightsee and talk. That'd be good.

Convention reports coming soon. First, breakfast. Tea. I hope we have milk.

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  1. Yes, cons are wonderful. I spent the weekend at BaltiCon. I suppose, though, that they are more stressful for a pro than for a fan, and you don’t get to socialize as much.

  2. The nice thing about not being over-scheduled at WisCon was the opportunity to actually talk with people for longer than ten minutes. I ate about one and a half more meals a day than typical, but I got to chat with a lot of people I’d only met once or in passing. More like that. 🙂

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