Hey, munchkins. So,…

Hey, munchkins. So, arrived in Madison safe and sound (perhaps because I didn't drive -- Julia did), and am now sitting in the Concourse hotel lobby, which has excellent free wifi. Strong connectivity, happy Mary Anne. I have about forty minutes before my first meeting -- I've walked down to Michaelangelo's and picked up some chai, so I'm all comfy and actually ready to do a little work now. Last preparations for the SLF June membership drive, hopefully, which I somehow didn't get to this morning. I think I was painting my toenails instead. :-

The ride was pleasant enough, but I'll warn those of you driving up from Chicago -- they're doing roadwork outside Janesville, and for about twenty miles, we slowed down to a crawl. Very sad. Otherwise it was zippy.

That's it for now -- more con reports anon. :-)

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