Sleepy. Woke up…

Sleepy. Woke up coughing, still coughing now. No! WisCon in two days, I can't get sick. I haven't gotten enough sleep in days -- just keep waking up too early. It might be lack of exercise, actually; my body has gotten used to a certain level of workout, and it hasn't really gotten it this past week, and so now it's punishing me? I don't know. I will attempt to appease it with a workout today.

Lots of teeny tiny errands and such to do today. But basically in good shape for the convention, and I even think that everything will fit in my car, which is a relief.

Taught a good workshop last night -- a brief version of my how-to-write-sex workshop for the local Asian writing group, Kitchen Poems. Low attendance, but I think the people who did come got a lot out of it and had fun. Hope so, anyway. I had fun teaching. :-) Miss teaching. I'll be doing this workshop at WisCon (sadly pretty late at night, I hope people show up and aren't too tired), so it was good to get a practice run in.

Ooh, sleepy. Maybe not ready to cope with the world yet. Maybe time to lie down on the couch and watch tv for half an hour or so, see if I feel stronger. My eyes keep wanting to close, but I know they're just fooling me, and that I won't actually fall back asleep if I lie down. Sigh.

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