Well, jeez. So, Bob…

Well, jeez. So, Bob just called me, and apparently the last editor he showed the book to might possibly be a teeny tiny bit interested, but if she is, she would want it with a novel-to-follow, and to make it a two book deal. Which is all very well (!) in theory, but in practice means that Bob wants me to put together as much of the threesome novel as possible, with an outline, by the end of the day, so he can show it to her tomorrow morning. I had *things* to do today. Not anymore, apparently.

This is, of course, a good thing, and I'm not complaining. Even vague contingent interest is much better than no interest at all. It's just a wee bit hectic today. I suppose my body will survive not going to the gym today...and do we really need groceries? We have flour, eggs, and milk. We can live on pancakes for a few days, right?

If this doesn't pan out with this editor, at least it'll be done so when the *next* editor asks for it...

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