Hey, munchkins. So,…

Hey, munchkins. So, full on into pre-WisCon mode at the moment. I'm almost done with spice booth prep -- the spices are bought and dry-roasted and packed into jars, and I've made up little info sheets to go with them. Just need to print the sheets (tomorrow, when the Kinko's next door is open again) and pack it all into a bag. My car is going to be mighty full. :-)

I also went to Office Depot yesterday and bought some supplies for the WisCon table -- some plastic leaflet and flyer holders, which should help keep our table neat and organized, so we can avoid being swamped in vast amounts of paper. A cashbox, to keep our cash in. A clipboard and a notepad, so that we can keep track of who bought what. All oh, so spiffy. I like buying office supplies. I especially like buying them directly out of the SLF funds, writing business checks on an account that is currently in the black and will actually allow for some minimal office supplies. Very exciting.

Today is mostly art show, I think -- I need to go through the half-finished pieces I have and see which of them can be plausibly finished in time for WisCon. I have all sorts of ideas for pieces that I'd love to put together, mostly stained glass stuff, but I have to be practical. There just isn't time to embark on masses of new work this time around. C'est la vie.

Okay. Make some tea, clean the kitchen and dining area so I have room to spread out all the bits of art, and then get to work. Sounds like a pleasant day ahead...

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